Unveiling the truth about Russian brides

For some reason, Russia still upholds the reputation of a mystery impossible to discover. Yet, in reality, there are tons of things that everyone does know about Russia. Ask an average person about one’s associations with Russia, and you’ll get a firework of random facts and notions: scattered pieces of recent news, communism, Russian and Soviet successes in sports, the first man in space, and, of course, vodka. Is there anything missing in this unpretentious list? Russian women brides, naturally!

Indeed, marrying Russian brides has become an enviable achievement for respectable Western gentlemen throughout the past few decades. An ever-increasing number of men have an even faster increasing number of stories about “friends of friends” meeting the love of their lives via an online dating site, with those women just so happening to be from Russia (or “collective Russia” which in many minds still stands for the entirety of the former USSR). Of course, some of them talk about how she divorced him as soon as she got her green card, but when you come to think about it, such trend is not specific to hot Russian brides in particular. To cut the slack, you can replace “Russian” with any other nationality, even with some well-to-do Western country, and look at the divorce stats only to see that Russian mail order brides form a much larger percentage of lasting marriages than their counterparts from most other regions.

Gossip is stereotypically considered to be a predominantly female feature. Yet, it seems like men like to gossip and boast about how they made that leap of faith to meet their perfect brides from across the ocean and how they are enormously proud of it. It must be that the “prize” is well worth of indulging into such “unmanly” pleasures as gossiping over it.

Let’s see just how true all those claims of beautiful Russian women charm and finesse really are. It’s true that following your heart across the ocean to Russia, of all places, is indeed a magnanimous deed that any man can be proud of to the point where he goes around boasting about it. Most of the time, there is more to it than just boasting. There must be more to all those beautiful Russian brides that makes them worthy of all the trouble of traveling across the globe and marrying them against all bureaucratic odds.

Russian mail order brides services don’t do human trafficking

When hearing the word combination “mail order Russian brides,” it is somewhat natural to assume for a second that one can actually look through a catalog of brides, pick the prettiest one, enter your card number, and have her delivered to your door within a few days. Trading human beings is illegal, and it’s common knowledge. Yet, somehow, when looking for a Russian lady to marry, you will inevitably come across sites that will offer you just that. So, there’s a self-explanatory disclaimer to make: whenever you come across a phrase like “buy a Russian bride,” don’t even bother to stay on that site a second longer or read a word further. The people behind this website are just as aware as you are that it’s impossible to buy or sell a human being, but it’s questionably legal to charge people for such promises. It’s an evident scam to stay away from.

That is, of course, not to say that there are no websites that can help find the love of your life overseas. They stay within the legal range of activities and use ethical means to facilitate your family-building. Essentially, they are dating services. They do charge you for their services, but there is a critical difference between them and free online dating platforms like Tinder, which makes the investment worth it.

You see, the fact that you have to pay for their services is a guarantee that you have serious intentions in mind and are not in for a mindless hookup like most Tinder users. In return, they use this money to screen the ladies who want to be on the website and filter out those who come there for reasons other than creating a family. This is why those services have to be paid.

Among other things they do is help the girls with a decent photo shoot and supply her a translator if needed. That’s why some gentlemen are misled into thinking that the girls’ pictures on such websites are some stock photos photoshopped beyond realism and that they are chatting with bots or professional “agents” with an appropriate command of English. In reality, the pictures get edited minimally, and the girls are indeed as beautiful as you see. As for the language issues, as we have said: when a girl’s language efficiency proves to be insufficient, she gets a translator. All these activities, in fact, cost more than a chatbot or a “talking head,” and that’s why mail order brides services cost as much as they do. Besides, many companies in this niche have been on the market since the very dawn of the Internet, and it’s hard to imagine them surviving if they had been built on a pure scam.

Of course, like everywhere where money is involved, there is a temptation of fraud, and scammy “mail order brides” websites do exist. How do you steer clear from them and not have your money washed down the drain? It’s less of a challenge than it may seem. Remember that it’s the Internet, and no action ever goes unnoticed or forgotten. Whenever a man gets scammed by a company, he will most likely be vocal about it and leave feedback everywhere he can. Likewise, when a man’s invested money and effort eventually translates into a happy family, he will also have a fascinating love story which he will be eager to share.

So, suppose you have made up your mind that you want to meet the love of your life through a dating website. Does it mean that you have to spend days or even weeks of your precious time looking through all that feedback meticulously before you can pick the right service for you? Well, you can do that if you feel like it. But you don’t need to. Others have already done it for you, professionally.

We have realized that many men are willing to meet stunning Russian wives online, but these men have second thoughts about such an endeavor. These second thoughts result from nothing more than a lack of information. So, we have collected a team of enthusiasts to research mail order brides services and review them for your convenience.

How do you meet hot Russian brides online?

Once you have shaped an informed opinion, picked a legitimate Russian mail order wives websites to your liking, and registered with this website, you go browsing through the girls’ profiles. As you do so, you probably can’t shake the feeling that those profiles are fake. It’s because they don’t look like real women photos that you have seen on Tinder or elsewhere. They all look like they’re taken from model shoots – in a studio, on a bed, on a beach, etc. And they are suggestive, too. Rest assured that those are all real photos of real girls. They look like this because the company running the website sees it as a sign of professionalism not to show you everyday pictures of girls next door. After all, it’s not a free platform, the gentleman pays, and so the company delivers. Stay confident that you will indeed receive photos of the girl you like in a more “realistic” environment, but not sooner than she decided that the two of you are intimate enough for such a step.

One may argue that no photography magic can make an ugly duckling into a princess. And all these girls do look like princesses. Well, we have mentioned that those marriage agencies screen the girls before they are allowed to create profiles on the website to make sure that they indeed have no intentions in mind other than starting a family. It is worth mentioning that it’s not the only characteristic by which the girls get selected. It is true that hot Russian women are good-looking and intelligent in general, but the marriage agency makes sure that its gentlemen clients only get the cream of the crop. This includes appearance, overall intelligence, mild temper, etc.

English efficiency is a desired feature but not a must, because a company always has a staff of translators who will facilitate your communication whenever necessary. This is why it may also seem to you that your chat partner is unrealistically skillful in English – after all, English has never been a common language in Russia. Let this not alarm you: the girl you see is still real, and she’s there, but the agency is working hard to facilitate your communication to return you your money’s worth.

The company needs to ensure that all your experience on the website is pleasant up until the point when you choose to travel to Russia and get the communication with your one true love offline. Before that happens, you are welcome to spend your money chatting with as many girls as you like for as long as you like. While you do that, the company feels responsible for you not running into some dimwit who could give you unpleasant experience that you might eventually project on the company as a whole.

That’s why you will never encounter an unpleasant lady on a reputable mail order brides website. It is also yet another reason why trusting such websites is a wiser thing to do than blindly traveling all the way to Russia to date Russian women in hope to bump into the love of your life at the nearest bar by the magic of chance.

What drives Russian girls to online dating services?

A series of legit questions arises – if all these ladies are so awesome, then how come they cannot find decent husbands in their vicinity? Do Russian women make good wives? Could it be that their expectations are too high and you’d have to go out of your way to live up to them? Yes and no. It’s a no-brainer to assume that the main reason why they seek husbands online is the same reason that drives a gentleman to a mail order brides service. His ideal soulmate is just not to be found in the nearest offline vicinity. Can that mean that he has too high expectations? Might be. Does it mean that he needs to lower the bar and settle for what he can reach effortlessly? No. That’s a lazy quitter’s choice. Especially today, when we have legit dating services that reduce the distances and are capable of facilitating your communication with Russian brides online even when she’s literally on the other side of the globe.

If you’re still not convinced, let’s take a look at the stereotypical reasons why Russian girls might be waiting for a prince charming in a shiny armor to take her away from Russia and give her the life that she deserves. Here in the West, we have a common opinion that life quality here is overall better than pretty much anywhere outside the collective West. It is only partially true. Speaking of Russia, major cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg have the living standards quite comparable to those that we are used to in the West. There remains, however, an enormous gap in living standards between those major cities and the rest of Russia, which, as we know, occupies the largest territory in the world, and it gets even larger if we consider “collective Russia” / ex-USSR.

Hence, living standards in most of Russia do leave plenty to be desired, and a Russian lady’s economic reasons for wanting to escape into a more well-to-do country are quite legit. She does indeed want to improve her social and economic status, even through such radical means as relocating to a foreign culture. Here, you need to understand what it means for her to have her economic status improved. Primarily, it involves all those things that we here in the West take for granted. For instance, having a house that can be an actual home – spacious enough to be comfy and cozy for everyone living in it (we bet you didn’t expect that from a country with the biggest territory, but the actual living conditions of most people in Russia remain somewhat severe). What also matters is having an opportunity for the husband to provide well for such a home or, if not, for her to find a decent job with decent payment – here, once again, her standards will be more modest than yours might be. So, her expectations might indeed be too high for a town in Siberia but not for wherever you may be living.

Another critical factor is the drastic disproportion of men VS women in Russia, resulting from the 2nd World War and the variety of other social cataclysms that this country had to suffer through the 20th century. Decades after the 2nd World War, there are still much more single Russian women than men. Without treating Russian women for marriage as commodities and just for the sake of making a point, one can say that Russian brides club is like a huge “market” without “buyers.”

But – given all the said above, it would be unfair to assume that all these gorgeous ladies would just pop into a white dress and rush to the altar with whoever comes from the West. Traditional values are exceptionally strong in Russia, and people firmly believe that marriage can only be a logical extension of a genuine feeling between the two. So, should you fail to charm her or should it otherwise become apparent that the two of you are not right for each other, no economic or other benefits will force her into marrying you.

Speaking of traditional family values, Russian parents raise their daughters in a way where they begin to realize their drive to create families and become wives and mothers much earlier than one would expect. Surely, she might deny it out of teenage rebellion and claim that she wants to stay “free” and single for some time. But then, more often than not, even as young as in her early 20s, she will be a mature woman with an enviably clear picture of how her family life should be like – down to what she will serve for breakfast on Sundays, what color your pet will be, etc. Needless to point out, that as clear as this picture may be in her head, many minor details remain open for debate.

Your best opportunity to date Russian women

As we have mentioned, some writers on the web may encourage you to just hop on a plain to Moscow Sheremetyevo and go seeking your fate in the bar nearest to your hotel. They claim that there is no way a regular bachelor can tell one legit dating service from ten scammy ones, so the best thing to do is to go charming those Russian girls yourself. Let’s see why neither of these claims is true.

First of all, a considerate gentleman will hardly allow himself to travel across the globe with a somewhat vague goal in mind. It’s not that he’s not adventurous enough, but he realizes that he may just end up having spent a ton of money on the trip that does not lead him to triumphantly leaving the bachelor’s club holding a gorgeous Russian woman by the hand. The adventure is just not worth the risk. Besides, being alone in a foreign country makes you even more vulnerable to all sorts of scams than any online activities, and the mere thought of it can drive you paranoid, which is anything but charming for all ladies, including Russian. Moreover, taking such inconsiderate risks mindlessly does not precisely make you ideally suitable to be a husband. Especially today, when you can find Russian women online from the safety and comfort of your home (or office) with much less effort and investment, with the help of mail order brides services.

This leads us to a second, quite important, point: there is indeed a way to tell a scammy service from a legit one. Of course, you may have heard stories about gentlemen with the purest intentions being scammed on mail order brides services. If these stories have done any good at all, they have added to the demand in more information about such services – not to let any more gentlemen get fooled in a similar fashion. In response to this important demand, we have created this website where we professionally review mail order brides services. Our team of professional reviewers looks through these websites, creates profiles, and then sums up their experiences in comprehensive articles and yearly Top-5 lists. And, of course, whenever they come across the faintest shade of scam, they will write about it. So, here is your convenient and straightforward way to tell a scammy mail order brides website from a legit and reputable one.

More than that, one can be surprised at how many 100% genuine and legitimate mail order brides services there are. Naturally, they need to stand out, so many of them come up with unique ways to attract more users by offering them exclusive user experience. Of course, these details (like the overall tone of the website, the kind of ladies they will match you with, the variety of membership plans and bonuses, etc.) make some services more suitable for some gentlemen than for others. To determine which mail order brides service will be most helpful for you on your way to your family happiness, you can also rely on our comprehensive reviews. Our writers specifically make a point of describing the kind of gentleman for whom this or that service will be particularly useful and enjoyable.

If your dream is to create a firm and happy family with a stunning Russian lady, you need to know that your dream has never been closer to coming true. With our humble help, you will surely be able to find just the right dating agency that will inevitably get you connected with the love of your life!

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