Enchanting Mail Order Brides: Path to Family Happiness

Few men admit that they would love coming back to a tidy house that smells of delicious dinner. It seems to take certain courage to state that they would want a loving and cheerful wife to wait for them at home. On the one hand — no wonder. As more and more women fight against traditional family roles and focus on money-making, it’s not that easy to find a lady to share such dreams with.

On the other hand, online dating gives you a chance to cast a wider net. Single bachelors can explore far-away locations in search of their perfect brides. More than that, they can approach this search with mathematical precision, filtering out unsuitable matches and focusing on appealing ones. Today, one can explore the variety of mail order brides services — such platforms cater to a variety of countries, nationalities, and interests. Still, the primary thing most of such sites have in common is their ability to bring singles together and unite them in happy families.

If you are curious about giving online brides a try, find out everything you need to know about these platforms: from women registering on such services to website features making these sites worthwhile.

Mail order brides & their reasons for joining

You’d be surprised to see how many men believe that women join international marriage sites only because they want to relocate to a better-off country. Such trust issues are the primary reason why a lot of single men are missing out on these amazing ladies. Of course, it would be impossible to vouchsafe every girl’s intentions. Still, the majority of eligible brides are interested in a man’s kind heart, not in the Green Card that comes with it.

Why can’t these women date and marry local men, then? Here, the actual reasons may vary.  After all, there are so many brides sites that it would be impossible to give just a couple of reasons and state that they are 100% true for every country of the globe. In some regions of Eastern Europe, for example, women outnumber men. So, searching for a good match becomes quite a challenge. In some Asian countries, men are plenty, but the tradition of prearranged marriages still forces brides to search for foreign matches — matches they are free to choose for themselves. In the Latin American region, family violence and abuse are quite common, so beautiful ladies would rather marry a man from a different culture and save themselves some trouble.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why women flock around brides sites. More importantly, few of these reasons have anything to do with financial concerns or relocation for the sake of relocation. The vast majority of brides are adequate ladies looking for adequate life partners. In a way, these women are not that different from all other singles who are looking for a match abroad. Which leads us to the next question — are mail order brides sites any different from mainstream dating platforms?

Are mail order brides services similar to dating apps?

The answer to that is both yes and no. We’ll start with the similarities, of which there are many. Users can sign up, fill in their profiles, adjust their search parameters and get matching results from the website — pretty much as they would do on any other dating sites.

However, there are also important differences. For starters, most communication on such sites is to be paid for. Some platforms charge all users, while others provide free membership and communication options to the ladies. Whichever site you join, your brides’ search will still be charged. Before you get yourself worked up about this injustice, take some time to read the following paragraph. Trust us, this money is put to good use.

One of the primary reasons brides sites charge men for communication is to guarantee more security and protection from online fraud. These platforms have very strict verification procedures for the ladies — absolutely all female profiles on such services are verified. Often, the company managers will even do that in person — most of these services have local divisions in the countries they deal with. So, here is your first significant difference — every profile you see on such sites is real.

Still, there is more. Reliable dating agencies do not stop at identity verification. They ensure that all of their female accounts stay real. So, managers stay in touch with the ladies, occasionally giving them a call and asking relevant questions about their passport info and profile activity. This way, reputable sites make sure none of the accounts switch hands, and all of them are still managed by the people who created them in the first place.

None of the free sites guarantee such security, which is why consulting a reputable service in search of a perfect bride may be a sound idea for any man who values his time and effort. Besides, the cost of using these services is not that high. An average price of a monthly subscription on unlimited communication is $30. When subscribing for longer periods — for example, a whole year — this cost may drop to just $10-15 a month. Besides, some sites offer their services on a per-credit basis, which allows clients more control of their spending and finances. Of course, when you communicate a lot, it’s usually cheaper to pay for contacting options in bulk. But, if you are more comfortable paying for every message separately, you could find sites that offer just that.

The last but not the least perk marriage sites offer is adequate support on all dating stages. This means they do not only provide you with paid communication means. They can also help you arrange a trip to the city of your choosing, provide guides and interpreters, even help you with marriage paperwork. All of those are, surely, optional. But those are good options you may need when you find the woman you want to marry.

But what are women on brides sites like? Would you even want to marry one of them? Or, the chances of finding a good partner online are as slim as searching for a wife locally? Let’s find out below.

What can a man expect from a foreign wife?

Surely, it’s not possible to give a precise characterization of a female user on online dating sites — too many cultures, countries, and nationalities are represented on such platforms. So, instead of focusing on a variety of cultural details, we will try to answer just one question: what kind of woman would go to such length as to create a brides profile online? And here is what we can surmise.

Traditional family values

A woman who is determined to get married clearly has traditional family values. For her, having a family of her own is one of the primary achievements in life. Instead of searching for other ways of self-expression, she is searching for a husband. And that already counts for something. It may seem a bit unrealistic to you right now. But when you meet several brides, you will see that a traditional family mindset can still be found in plenty of Asian, Latin American and Eastern European countries. Surely, the details will differ. Still, the primary logic will remain unchanged — all of these stunning women will be searching for a good husband and hoping to make him a good wife.

Care and attention towards all family members

Attention towards all family members, in-laws included, is a part of the traditional family mindset. However, we believe it deserves a separate paragraph because too many Western ladies have a pretty egocentric mindset these days. So, it’s not always easy to imagine a woman for whom family matters. In fact, most foreign brides you’ll meet online will see family as the most cherished thing in life. Few of these women will compromise their family needs for careers. And, even fewer of them will rely on the babysitters too much — for most of these ladies, raising children is bliss, not a chore.

Impressive homemaking skills

Once again, we cannot explicitly state that 100% of online brides are excellent homemakers. Still, we know for a fact that most of them are. The most popular regions for brides hunting — Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe — have a different approach to raising young girls. Form an early age, these girls are taught the basics of homemaking: organizing the house and keeping it tidy, cooking, etc. By the time they grow up, they polish these skills to perfection. More importantly, most brides do not see these duties as chores. For them, it’s more of the natural order of things rather than some gender injustice. In fact, most of these women would never trust household routine to a man. They believe men are average home keepers at best. So, they would rather take matters in their own, skilled hands.

What would a foreign wife expect from a partner?

Once again, no one can tell for sure what your wife will expect from you. So, we will generalize a bit. Considering that these women are looking for a husband to love and appreciate them, here are some general guidelines that should make them happy.

Respect to her needs and desires

Remember, plenty of eligible brides come from male-dominated environments — particularly, women from Asia and Latin America. So, what they are truly looking for in a partner is respect. And — let’s be frank — it’s not a lot to ask. A little attention to her needs and desires, small tokens of affection now and then, a timely compliment — all of those can take you a long way. You do not have to go overboard with expensive gifts and shameless flattery — they can do more harm than good. But, you have to show a woman that she counts, and regular signs of attention can easily achieve just that.

Understanding of the work she does

Most mail order wives will combine at least a part-time job with taking care of the household routine. You should understand the amount of work and patience it requires, so you should never take her efforts for granted. Once again, a compliment for a new decor item, a ‘thank you’ for an evening meal, asking if she’s tired after a day at work — these small signs of attention can take any husband a long way. You just have to do it regularly, so your wife never feels under-appreciated. Remember, most of these ladies, along with their efforts, are taken for granted in their home countries. So, make sure she sees the difference between marrying you (a kind and attentive foreigner) and her local match.

A shoulder to rely on

Most importantly, foreign brides are looking for someone to rely on. It does not necessarily have to be financial support. Even though you have to understand — you might have to support your new wife financially when she relocates. After all, it takes some time to settle all the necessary paperwork and get a work permit. Still, what most of these ladies are truly looking for is a shoulder they can rely on emotionally. After all, it’s all a part of being a good spouse — so make sure you extend your support, just like she extends hers to you.

As you can see, mail order brides’ expectations from a groom are not that high. So, none of these ladies will be high maintenance — something one cannot say about most Western women. More than that, their potential input to the family matters deserves all of that, and maybe — even more. If you share our opinion, we have a couple of final tips for you.

First of all, remember that online dating progresses more slowly than the traditional one and do not put all your eggs in one basket. It’s absolutely normal to flirt and chat with several potential matches within one period of time. If you’re lucky — one of these matches may become your wife. If not — well, you may have to search a little more. We already mentioned that most gentlemen need at least ten months on a dating service to find a suitable partner. Sometimes, this search may take up to a year and a half. So, it’s all about patience.

If you want to speed this process up a bit, we suggest thinking about your ideal partner in advance. This will help you set up your search parameters and get only relevant, narrowed down matching results. Of course, you should stay realistic when setting up your search filters — sometimes, getting too specific may get counter-productive. After all, we’re talking about real people here, not fictional characters. So, think of the character traits that really matter to you — and good look searching for your perfect bride!

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