About Indian Mail Order Brides

Mail order bride agencies continuously grow more and more popular among Indian women and foreign men. The phenomenon which first appeared during the American Wild West conquest and hard labor of Asian men overseas got its second wind on the Internet. In the 19th century, men were using services of mail order brides as they often were located on isolated and dangerous lands with an extreme shortage of women. Women, who were no less daring and adventurous than men they were looking for, moved from the comfort of their homes to new inhospitable lands to pursue an opportunity. 

What changed nowadays? What is different in the motivation of modern men and women who turn to using mail order bride agencies in their search for happy relationships? Several dating agencies were created in India to focus on local women that want to become mail order brides. Indian women are popular among Eastern and Western men alike. 

There is no Wild West and Frontier today, but mail order bride agencies have got their second wind. Women still become brides for the same reason they were doing so in the 19th century – search of a wealthy and handsome man to build a happy family with. In different parts of the world, women have different motivations to do so, but the majority of mail order brides come from Eastern Europe, Latin countries and Southern Asia. Women in developing countries try to marry foreign man in order to ensure comfortable and well-off life for their children. Men, on the other hand, seek services of mail order brides due to loneliness and unhappiness in their homeland. Some moderately or prominently successful western men do not find their local women to be fitting partners for building a family nest with. Some men have traditional views on the family and prefer to maintain their masculine leadership in marriage, so they look for more feminine, obedient and compliant women to be their soulmates. Emancipated women of western cultures rarely become perfect wives for these gentlemen. Other people out there just feel lonely and struggle to find their meaning of love. For them, a gorgeous lady from a different world overseas can easily become their meaning of life. To some, it may be just a foreign bride, to others, an endless supply of happiness.  

Why Foreign Men Choose Indian Brides?

Men (especially western men) have some special motivation to look for Indian brides. Exotic Asian ladies have always been popular among white men who were looking for something to spice their private life up. Asian women come in different shapes and sizes indeed. Japanese geisha girls and India women are one of the top most popular choices among western gentlemen. For those who like oriental appearance, there are Thai and Vietnamese ladies who are also eager to become mail order brides.

Another reason why Indian ladies are so captivating for European and American folks is a quite considerable cultural difference between east and west. India is a whole new world of foreign traditions and quirky cultures for white men abroad and these cultural differences spice things up no less than exotic appearances of Indian women. As for Indian food, it often spices things up literally for Americans who are used to mild savors.

What Makes Hot Indian Wives Special?

Among the endless variety of hot Asian brides, ladies from Indiaт women have a special spot. Their appearance is unique even for Asian ladies, their naturally tanned skin and dark curly hair are known to drive men all over the world crazy. India is a great place to search for relationship and happiness with all its vivid traditions and rich culture. Looking for a bride in India might be one of the greatest investments in the future a man can make. India has a large population that is second only to China, so there will definitely be no low supply of Indian brides looking for their perfect foreign men. Among the millions of young Indian ladies, you will definitely find a match. 

Indian women are plenty and so are their traditions. India is a multicultural country with several different religions being professed on its territory (Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam). Due to this huge diversity and numbers of Indian ladies India is one of the best places in the world to find a wife. Indian women of different cultural backgrounds and religions can cater to various demands and standards of foreign man, so no man is likely to fail in finding himself a spouse when he visits India or searches for Indian mail order brides online.

Apart from being gorgeous, Indian women also end up as perfect spouses due to their traditional upbringing and rich Indian culture. All Indian women are family-oriented and love their kids and husbands above everything else. When western guys for a feminine bride with old-fashioned family values they come to India and make no mistake.

Facts About Indian Mail Order Brides

Indian mail order brides are the ladies who are looking for a benevolent and reliable foreign man, with whom they will be happy to engage in a long-term relationship that that will eventually progress into marriage. Men who are looking for a bride from overseas prefer to know exactly what they sign up for. We can easily name a few facts about Indian brides that are common for all of them. Brides from India are famous for being stunning, feminine and benevolent females with whom marriage can easily turn into an Easter fairytale. Let’s name a few facts about Indian brides that you should know:

Indian ladies are exceptionally skilled in cooking. It’s not a big deal for the majority of Asian women to be awesome in cooking, but Indian women bring it to a whole new level. Indian cuisine is famous all over the world for its spicy and fiery temper, peculiar dishes and the astounding variety of tastes (even though most of them are hot). The excuse you can have for not loving Indian food is being allergic to spices. Local girls are taught how to cook from their youngest years and they also believe that a way to a man’s heart lies through his stomach. A wife from India will please you with a delicious variety of dishes she will be eager to cook for you. These women will not accept breakfast skipping and their husband being hungry, so never expect to see an empty fridge when your Indian wife is around. They know a myriad of different recipes by heart and they will not need the Internet to look something up when they cook, as their skills are inherited from numerous generations of caring Indian women before them.

Indian women are sincere. All girls in India are raised to be polite, obedient and respectful. She will tell you outright about any of her thoughts and emotions she experiences in your company. Arrogance and deceit are foreign notions for Indian women. As they are straightforward with their words, you can easily know what to expect from your Indian date and therefore safely plan your future moves without needing to expect any backstabbing and lies.

They are looking for serious commitment only. One-night-stand might be a great deal when you need to just slake your lust and avoid any trouble afterward. With Indian ladies though, you will need to adapt a considerable degree of responsibility as they take any relationship seriously. They do not practice promiscuity and occasional sex, so a long-term relationship is basically the only option when you date an Indian girl. You won’t be able to disappear in the morning without mortally wounding her pride and dignity, but on the other hand, you won’t be getting up alone anymore.

Brides from India are looking for financially secure men.  Any mail order bride seeks a wealthy husband and Indian brides are no exception. The main reason behind is not their materialism or love for golden trinkets. For sure, Indian women adore luxury, golden jewelry, and exuberant saree attires, it’s in their blood, but they look for a financially stable man for a different reason. As they are traditional and old-fashioned wives, they expect their husband to be the leader of the family and its main source of income. They want to rest assured they beloved man is capable to provide for the family and make sure that her children have a secure future.

What makes Indian women special?

There are several factors that make sexy Indian women unique among their fellow Asian ladies. India is a curious place where ancient culture mingles with modernization, science and rapidly developing IT technologies. A collision of modern corporate and archaic Indian cultures breeds an uncommon sort of smart and up-to-date women that are capable to be successful workers and caring mothers at the same time. Knowledge of an endless variety of recipes in Indian cuisine, exceptional style, traditional upbringing, caring nature – we can name the unique features of lovely Indian brides for quite a while. To save time we will name just the most distinguishable features of Indian girls:

They are gorgeous.  Hot Indian women are an outstanding example of stunning natural beauty. Curly dark hair, big hazelnut eyes, exceptional curves, naturally tanned color of their skin and a captivating feminine waistline which appears to exclusive to sexy Indian women, create a unique combination of stunning eastern beauty that Indian ladies proudly possess. Their appearance is extremely attractive to foreign men. Their dusky skin tone captures the imagination of men who look at them. Not only tanned skin is admitted to be more seductive than pale by most men, but also slightly darkened skin tone easily hides small flaws and wrinkles on a human body, and hot Indian girls benefit greatly from this fact. Sumptuous black curly hair fits their skin color perfectly and the famous magnificently feminine waistline of Indian women finishes the whole picture or their irresistible beauty.

They love luxury and dress with style. Nobody wears golden jewelry or saree outfit in the same manner as Indian women do. Old traditions combine with a natural talent to choose the best outfit for the given occasion. Thanks to their culture, Indian women dress stunningly as brides and for any traditional ceremony. Vivid and colorful saree outfit combine with a dazzling shine of numerous golden rings, bracelets, necklaces, and baubles saturating a body of Indian lady when she dresses up.  It is unbelievable how they manage to put on so many bright and shiny garments and still maintain a harmonious and beautiful image. It’s their natural talent as any other woman would rather look distasteful with this amount of colors and jewelry on. Even though girls of India enjoy putting on a lot of shiny golden accessories, they dress equally sharp and appropriate should it be casual or business style. As the IT industry and technology have become a vital part of the Indian economy there is a high demand for excellent people who are ready to work in these fields. Indian women do not shun technology and full-time jobs, so they adopted the casual and corporate style with the same level of excellence with which they wear their traditional clothes.

Indian girls are pleasant company. Their pleasant and modest attitude makes them excellent friends and conversants. Unlike some of the western girls who tend to be rude and blow their own trumpet during the conversation, most of the Indian ladies do not crave to get all the attention while communicating with others. They will always hear out what you have to say without interrupting. Such an experience can be truly refreshing to many western men. 

Women’s Place in Indian Traditions

Women have their strictly defined place in the Indian culture. In Indian family and society, a woman is always perceived as a caring mother and obedient wife. Their homeland’s culture demands Indian ladies to be polite and respectful above all measure. Modesty is much bigger merit here than audacity and initiative.  Ancient traditions demand obedience from Indian women who always need to know their place near their husbands. 

An Indian woman is the lady of the house that does her best to maintain a special atmosphere at her home. The place must be well-decorated, tidy and cozy, and the mother of the family will do whatever it takes to make her home match the needed standards that her cultural background set. An Indian wife obeys her husband and takes his words as last in any family affair. However, their loyalty and modesty do not mean they can be easily abused or belittled by a tyrannical husband. Such demeanor is not welcome in Indian society and your Indian wife will not quietly accept abuse and domestic violence from your side. Indian women are patient and supportive towards their brothers, fathers and husbands as the old-fashioned supportive role of a woman is still valued in Indian society. This may sound slightly archaic to modern western people who are used to see emancipated and independent women, but the traditional upbringing all the Indian women have has its own advantages.

To spark some interest in cultural discussion let’s review a few interesting Indian traditions local women are deeply involved in:

  • Traditional greeting (Namaste). This tradition expanded beyond Indian borders long ago (thanks to the rapidly growing popularity of yoga), but it always feels special to see the Namaste being performed by the actual Indian. Namaste means “I bow to you” and see your wife greeting you like this will make you feel like the master of the family. 
  • Joint Families. Indians have a tradition to live as a joint family, which means that all family members (grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, kids, etc.) live together in the same house or apartment. Don’t worry, your Indian bride will not take her entire family to your place, but in the future, she will prefer one big family to separate living. 
  • Indian dancing. The exotic Indian dances deserve their own article. We will only say here that a sexy Indian woman moving her seductive waist in the famous belly dance will leave no living man indifferent.

Why Indian Women Become the Best Wives?

We’ve had already listed numerous implicit and explicit reasons why would an Indian bride turn into the perfect wife, but in case you will need a list of their undeniable advantages as wives, here it is:

You will not be hungry again. Yes, Indian women are passionate about cooking and are capable to cook a feast for a few families single-handedly. Indian women enjoy cooking, recalling or composing new recipes, combining ingredients and spices, but what they enjoy even more is the sight of their sated and pleased husband after he’s just finished a delicious dinner. It is common for Indian housewives to wake an hour or two earlier to prepare a lavish feast of several dishes for breakfast (yeah, do not expect to miss breakfasts) or to cook an exquisite copious dinner right before her man comes home from work. 

You can be sure your wife is loyal. As was mentioned before, loyalty and respect are the main family values for an Indian woman. As Indian wives strive to find relationships that will last forever, adultery is one of the greatest sins in their eyes. 

You will be surrounded by attention. Unlike some of their western counterparts, Indian wives are continuously attentive to their spouses. Your Indian wife will try to memorize all the little things that please you She will strive to make your existence as happy and easy-going as it is humanly possible. She will not become lazy and take as granted after a few years of relationship.

Top Rated Indian Dating Websites

There are a lot of different mail order bride websites that offer an opportunity to meet Indian women. Overall, mail order bride agencies are a legitimate business with a long history of success and thousands of satisfied customers. In order to help you navigate on this painstaking journey of searching the web for the legitimate dating platforms, we present you a list of our websites where you will be able to find real Indian brides: 

Specifics of Indian Marriage Agencies

The main specific of Indian marriage agencies is that they are focused on Indian brides. In other aspects, they are similar to other mail order bride platforms. Dating websites will gather profiles of Indian ladies, keep them continuously updated, and provide you with various tools (search filters, gifts, messaging) that facilitate your communication and relationship establishment.  

Tips on dating single Indian girls

Being a slightly old-fashioned gentleman is the man advice here, but we will give you a few other additional tips that will help:

Mind your manners. Indian girls are raised to be polite and respectful to their fathers and any other men who they speak with but do not expect Indian ladies to be pushovers. Though women in big Indian cities keep up the pace with modern times, they still prefer traditional courtesies when it comes to dating.

Confidence is the key. Women like men who know what they want. Confidence and strength of will are the top qualities most of the ladies seek in gentleman. Don’t confuse confidence with impudence and you will be able to easily win the hearts of Indian women.Be curious about their background. The Indian culture is ancient and rich beyond all measure. Nobody expects you to know it back and forth from the very birth of civilization on Indian territory to modern times, but get at least some superficial knowledge. Local ladies will be mighty impressed. 

How to Get a Real Indian Wife?

Traveling to India is a great way to get a real Indian wife, but this method can prove to be quite costly. Mail order bride site websites are a great tool to find a beautiful Indian bride and at the same time save yourself a fortune, as you won’t need to fly all the way to India (in the beginning, at least).

When you find somebody, you can consider a match, get to know her better. Before investing your money and time any further, make sure this person will be the perfect match.

How Much Does a Stunning Indian Mail Order Bride Cost?

There is a common misconception that finding an Indian male order bride is unjustifiably expensive. That is not true. The only fixed expenses of the process will be the website fees (which are not that high) and any transportation expenses you might have if you choose to visit your future wife in India or pay for her voyage to your homeland. All other expenses like gifts, accommodation, and any other spending that may occur during your dating completely depends on you and your date.

A Fact About Indian Women

Indian women do look for a wealthy partner due to their conservative family and social values. They believe that the husband is the leader of the family that provides for his wife and children. In fact, all mail order brides look for financially and socially secure husbands, as they need to move abroad to a completely foreign country where they have no friends and initial job opportunities, so it will be a man’s job to accommodate his chosen one.

Even though Indian women look for well-established husbands, they are more than capable to succeed in their full-time job and earn money as well. Though, she will need some time to accommodate and get comfortable before she can earn herself.

Popular Myths About Indian Women

Some people that Indian mail order brides are plain gold-diggers seeking a man who will pay for all their whims and demands. That is utterly incorrect. Even though Indian women look for well-established husbands, they are capable workers and can earn money as well. Anyway, initially she will need some time to accommodate and get comfortable, before she can earn herself. Indian women are smart and up to date, so they are capable of being self-sufficient.

Online Dating with Beautiful Indian Women

Online dating with Indian brides is a pure pleasure, as you will have plenty of good times while chatting with these hot and deeply spiritual ladies. Online dating is beneficial to both parties as none of your will need to meet offline if anyone has any doubts. Apart from being an ultimate tool of time saving, online dating heats up your dating game and provides playful experience for both dates, as you grow slightly impatient over time and look forward to meeting your online paramour.

How to Look for a Mail Order Bride?

Seeking mail order bride online requires a little bit of patience and caution. Look through different options before committing to communication with one particular girl. Make sure your potential soulmate shows interest in response and matches all your personal demands and criteria. It can be the mother of your kids after all!

Are Indian Mail Order Brides Real?  

They are 100% real and legitimate. All brides register on our websites and submit their profiles on a voluntary basis. We regularly check profiles activity of the listed brides to make sure our websites contain active profiles of women seeking a relationship with foreign men.

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