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Why Ukrainian Brides Are the Best for Marriage

In the current lifestyle, meeting your life partner has become easier and harder at the same time. On the one hand, you can just open an online dating app on your smartphone and find a girl to date. On the other hand, this easiness also devalues life partnership to some extent: if you have met a girl that easily, you can meet the next one just as easily – and so can she. It is easy to hook up and have fun, but it is much harder to find the one who will truly appreciate you and keep you happy at the same time. The combination of these circumstances has given rise to an entire niche of dating services that specifically orient at people who are looking for lifetime commitment and ignore all other possible purposes for a meeting.

In the 21st century, not only communication has become largely facilitated, but traveling as well – never in history has it been easier. Given this, it makes no sense to limit yourself with your locality when you look for a wife. In fact, men with serious intentions prefer to look for lifetime wives from abroad ever more often.

In many cases, geography-based stereotypes are deemed inaccurate, but still there is a reason why they exist. For example, if one wants a wife who is smart and witty and knows how to combine the mastery of household chores and taking the best of care of her looks, one will often look for such a woman in Russia. If one has a more traditional understanding of male and female roles in family life and looks for an especially quiet and industrious woman, one will look for her in the Philippines or other South-Eastern Asian countries. Such profiling justifies itself surprisingly often, more often than many of us would like to admit.

But one particular country has become an absolute champion as a ‘wife-hunting site.’ Men grow ever more surprised and excited at how great of wives Ukrainian girls turn out. There are plenty of reasons for that. First of all, Ukraine itself is an exciting (and cheap) destination that you will not regret visiting even if you – for some quite unlikely reasons – don’t get so lucky at marrying a Ukrainian woman. As for Ukrainian women, they are a work of art indeed. They look great and know how to take care of themselves, they are great at cooking and other household chores, and they are determined to create a meaningful relationship and to start a family, – but we’ll go into more detail further on.

Where men look for hot women for marriage

When a man enjoys some success in his career, it often seems to him like he can get just about any girl. And that’s what they do – they go out to clubs where lonely women wait for them, they have fun, but this barely ever leads to a lasting relationship, let alone a family. Instead, the man would change dozens of partners in search of that one girl or even just for the sake of it. Sometimes, he will even go boasting like “I’ve had hot Japanese women, I’ve had hot Brazilian women, I’ve had hot Ukrainian women…” It is easy to understand the hollowness of such behavior when you read about it. But it takes somewhat more time for such men to come around.

There does, however, come the point in every man’s life when he realizes the futility of all this roundabout. He wants to come home from a hard day at work and find a warm hearth, a nice meal, and – most importantly – the company of a kindred spirit. One night stands and friendship with benefits just won’t do anymore. So, what does this man do upon the realization of such seemingly simple truth? He goes to senseless dates with strangers that lead to nothing meaningful less and less until eventually stops this waste of his precious time and effort altogether. Instead, he finds himself a dating website – not a light-minded one aimed at hookups but a serious one specializing in facilitating the creation of committed relationships and, consequently, strong families (our Ukrainian brides club is the prime example).

Such approach allows a working man to have meaningful conversations with his bride-to-be online and to do it when and where it is comfortable for him – at home, on a lunch break, etc. This way, he can get to know her closely before going out on a real-life date, to go out with someone whom you know what to talk about, whom you know to what kind of place to take her, etc. But not only does it save you from the awkwardness that occurs on a first date with someone you don’t know. For a busy man, it is also much more convenient both in terms of time and budget than to dress up and book an evening at a fancy restaurant with overpriced meals for a date that will ultimately lead to nothing.

It is especially critical to get to know the woman whom you plan to date when meeting her suggests long-distance traveling.

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What distinguishes Ukrainian women for marriage

Speaking of long distances, we did mention that Ukraine has grown to be an especially popular destination for wife seekers. The stories we hear about Ukraine in the news are not particularly encouraging for the most part. So, how come even the ongoing military conflict in the Eastern regions does not stop all these men on their way to their Ukrainian women brides? Of course, one can say that the conflict covers only a small portion of Ukraine’s vast territory. But this is not exactly common knowledge, and one needs to be motivated enough to consider a journey to Ukraine as an option before one discovers this valuable piece of information. And what motivates all these men is the enigmatic attraction of beautiful Ukrainian brides. This attraction never relies on great looks alone. A Ukrainian girl understands that looks can help her attract a man and make him want to marry her, but if she wants to keep him, she will have to use other means, and which are those – she knows exactly. These are the impeccable household skills and the unrivaled wit.

On the one hand, accessible higher education and high level of women emancipation are some of the things Ukraine has inherited from the USSR. As such, Ukrainian women often have degrees in various fields of studies. On the other hand, they are raised with in-bred respect for traditional family values and for a woman’s traditional role in the family.

So, Ukrainian brides are both well-educated and family-oriented. This woman is smart enough to understand that a happy marriage is not only about a fancy wedding and an exciting honeymoon. She fully realizes what she will be expected to do as a wife and accepts it. You will not have to see her choosing between her family and her career because if she is looking for a husband, this means that she has already made that choice. It is because she is so smart and emancipated that she will perceive cooking, babysitting, and all the other household errands as her conscious choice and not as patriarchal chains. The only thing missing from this equation is the one and only honest man who will give her the life that she deserves.

Ukrainian women characteristics: What to expect

We have talked about how many men seek wives from a particular country based on the stereotypes they have about this country and how these stereotypes have a reason to be. Ukraine is somewhat different in this regard because there are not so many stereotypes to talk of. This is because Ukraine has become a country of its own relatively recently – so recently that most people in Ukraine can remember that year. Ask an average man what he knows about beautiful Ukrainian women, and he will probably say that they are just like Russians. This is only partially true.

In reality, even back in the Soviet Times, beautiful Ukrainian brides were more popular on that side of the Iron Curtain that those of other East European nationalities. So much so that many positive traits of Ukrainian women have grown to be stereotypes about ‘collectively Russian’ women. Many of Communist Party leaders and Soviet celebrities took pride in finding a Ukraine girl for marriage.

But, to be more specific, what are those Ukrainian women characteristics and how they got translated into Russian stereotypes?

  • Drinking. We agree that this is not the best note to start off, but let’s face it – even the first Russian word that comes into an average person’s mind would be vodka. What lies behind this stereotype? It is true that Ukrainians know how to party. They like to have huge parties with family and friends on every occasion. She might even outdrink you! But she will never trade a cozy evening with her man for another night out.
  • Cooking. Speaking of parties, if you host one – she will insist on being in charge of the meals and snacks which will be the true star of the evening! Moreover, having had a few extra shots the night before is not a valid reason to skip household errand for a Ukrainian girl – she was raised better than that. She will always take care that the place is clean, the dishes are washed, and you have a delicious meal served even after the wildest of parties.
  • Rocket science. Ukraine does have an education system that many countries envy. As such, your Ukrainian wife will be well-informed enough to maintain a meaningful conversation on most topics. At the same time, she will never fall into the temptation of saying something that will make you look stupid next to her. She understands that a married couple is a united entity and not a competition. And, she will always be a great listener.
  • Beauty. Many poets have dedicated songs to the aloof Russian-Ukrainian beauty. In fact, it deserves a more in-depth exploration.

Top reasons why are Ukrainian women so beautiful

Brilliant minds from all over the world keep arguing about what makes a person smart or simple, beautiful or ugly, etc. – nature or nurture? They juxtapose the two without thinking that an efficient combination is possible. Hot Ukrainian brides know better than that.

Ukrainians enjoy a diverse gene pool from which they pick only the best traits. Because of Ukraine’s geographic position, many tribes and nations have crossed these lands throughout the centuries – Vikings and Turks, German tribes and Asian nomads have all left a trace here in the course of history. It is a scientifically proven fact that mixed marriages result in extraordinarily beautiful children. Imagine what will happen if mixed marriages occur within one nation for centuries. It’s almost as if Mother Nature herself has cultivated Ukrainian women for marriage!

But, Ukrainian girls do not rely on Mother Nature alone. They know that even the most beautiful flower will soon wither away without proper care. And they also know that it’s up to them to give the flower a proper care. Single Ukrainian women invest a lot of time and effort in taking care not only of their looks but their health as well. And in their mindset, they do it for themselves primarily. This means that she will not ‘let herself go’ after the marriage. One may get the idea that she is doing it to attract other men, but it cannot be farther from the truth. Quite the contrary – she wants you to feel proud next to her, which, in turn, makes her feel proud.

There is a curious observation that many of our clients have shared and that we would like to share with you. It is about the difference between Russian and Ukrainian beauty. Men have noticed that a Russian girl will often stun you with her top-model makeup and fancy dresses. A Ukrainian girl, on the other hand, will favor more seamless ways to make herself attractive to you. It’s not unlike comparing mind-blowing and numbing tequila with smooth fine cognac.

Summing up: Ukrainian Women VS American Women

The question remains – why travel half the world to date Ukrainian women? Why take on all these toils when there’s plenty of ‘fish in the sea’ right next to you? The answer is simple – because Ukrainian women have all those traits that grow increasingly rare in American women. For the sake of illustration, here is a humble list of traits of Ukrainian women VS American women:

  • Beauty. We have mentioned that Ukraine has an outstandingly diverse gene pool. We must admit, however, that the gene pool in America is even more diverse and includes Ukrainian heritage as well, among others. But what’s important here is what you do with that gene pool. Body positivism has become trendy in America these days. A man is expected to love a woman the way she is, and she must not apply any specific effort to please his eye. Seems like a bright idea, but where does it lead in practice? ‘Inner beauty’ is an awesome trait to have, but providing your significant other only with your beautiful personality to love is just as one-sided as focusing on looks only. Women in Ukraine understand that pleasing each other’s eyes is an equally important element of being a couple as any other. This is the little secret about why are Ukrainian women so beautiful.
  • Wit. Once again, we have already talked about how smart and well-educated Ukrainian women are. When an American woman spends a year or two in college, she will often use every chance to throw it in your face. And if you appear better informed on any issue, she will claim that you are trying to patronize you to show what an almighty man you are. Even without going to such extremes, she will always be up for a heated debate with the sole purpose of proving her equality. A Ukrainian woman does not have that drive. For her, the only valid purpose of a discussion is to find a solution for some issue and not to prove that she’s right and you’re wrong.
  • Appreciation. Have you ever tried to be a gentleman? To hold the door for your lady? To buy her dinner or just a coffee? And how did she react? American women usually give three kinds of reaction: (1) she takes it for granted, (2) you are patronizing her, or (3) you have an agenda. It is hard to say which one of the three is the least pleasant misrepresentation of your noble intentions. A Ukrainian woman knows how to appreciate her man and – which is equally important – how to be appreciated. She knows that all signs of attention – big or small – aim at making her feel nice, and she eagerly returns the favor the best she can. But make no mistake – you can’t buy a Ukrainian bride if you have no chemistry. For her, marriage is a lifetime commitment, so she will most likely not take any favors from a man with whom she doesn’t see herself in the future.

Your best place to find Ukrainian mail order brides

At this point, you are probably thinking to yourself: “That’s it! I feel like going to look for Ukrainian women online right now!” However, you might also recall all those stories about scamming services who trick and rob men whose only crimes was the intention to find Ukrainian brides online and live happily ever after. Therefore, what you need is a legitimate Ukrainian dating site that will help you find your woman for life and not make a fool of you.

Luckily for you, you are in the right place. We are a legitimate Ukrainian marriage agency, and our sole mission is to connect Ukrainian women with men who seek to marry and create a solid and lasting family. Our website lists only beautiful and dedicated Ukrainian mail order brides each of whom has undergone a thorough evaluation before her profile could appear here. We don’t want some gold diggers looking for easy money to distract you from your personal life goals, so we only allow women whose intentions are as serious as yours.

You can see that our services are not free, but we only charge as much as we need to keep our service running smoothly and conveniently for you. Besides, charging money for our services is another way to ensure that only serious people come to us and drop out all men and women who may come here out of sheer curiosity and create nothing but distraction.

Another way for you to ensure our reputation is to read the feedback from happy couples whom we have been happy to have helped to come together. The easiest way to find those is just to go to our Testimonials page.

Bonus tips: How to win a Ukrainian women’s heart

As we have briefly mentioned, you cannot just buy a Ukrainian girl’s favor. It’s not like you can just mailorder Ukrainian brides like some gardening tools on eBay. Also, lavish gifts or smooth talking may work on some women in some parts of the world, but – for better or worse – Ukraine is not the case. Mail order Ukrainian brides are incredibly perceptive, and they will see right through whatever agenda you may have. So, if your intentions are pure, you need to know how to win a Ukrainian woman’s heart.

Of course, she’s not some snow queen (this type does exist, but we also don’t let them get listed on our website), so there is a single simple recommendation to follow. You should let her see herself as your future wife. Use all means to show her that you care about her. Take care of all the small details that will make her feel important for you. These may include small presents like candy or flowers, listening to her concerns (Ukrainian girl are not chatterboxes, they only talk about what really matters), opening the cab door for her and giving her your hand when she comes out, – all those little things that comprise a real gentleman. But most of all, give her a vivid picture of you two as a happily married couple. Talk about how you see your life together, describe your future family home, children, pets, etc.

Of course, there is no reason to jump straight to that point right away. For now, you are welcome to just look through the profiles of ladies listed on our website and start a conversation with the one whose profile catches your attention. Note that you are not restricted to chat with two or more mail order Ukrainian brides at a time.

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